Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Wild Times?

A friend was reading my blog and he asked why I name the blog "Wild Times at BYU."

Here's the answer....I have no idea.

I never really thought it through. I needed a title when I started this shindig at EA and now I've gotten lazy and will probably always keep the title wild times and add things like....

Wild Times as a Spinster

Wild Times Stalking James Marsden

Wild Times Living With My Mom (That's right Mom, if this whole dating thing doesn't pan out we're going to be roomies again!)

I know I should come up with a title that's cute, witty, and makes you think (you know, something real philosophical and whatnot), but I kind of like wild times and the variety it offers me.

So just like that tattoo I got, I will continue on living with the impulsive decisions of 19 year old me.

(Kidding about the sweet tat MOM, but not about the living with you, bank on that)