Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I should really try harder to concentrate

Classes can be an environment filled with stimulating conversation and hours of learning...they can also be really boring.

I find that I can make a typical class period quite amusing if I engage in immature behavior and thought.

1. Introductions: We are all invited to introduce ourselves and name something about us. A boy named Adam introduces himself and boasts of his ability to shove a two-inch nail up his nose. He then proceeds to demonstrate.

I wonder what amount of brain function he has sacrificed for his craft.

Adam has now put himself on the map as a stud.

2. Class discussion: The teacher poses a question and watches as students climb, push, and jump over each others ideas trying desperately to prove the validity of their own.

The boy next to me makes a rather clever comment.

I check the left hand.

Ring...aahhh typical.

I bet Adam doesn’t have a ring. I check...nope.

I pop my gum, the girl next to me glares.

I have discovered a wonderful new game.

I let off a set of quiet machine gun pops.

She glowers.

I avoid her eyes and quickly resume my studious position:

  • Chin in hand
  • Head tilted
  • Eyes squinted ever so slightly
  • Nod programmed to go off every 2 min.

Hatred darts out of her eyes.

I giggle inside.

She cracks her knuckles. Oh, how I detest cracking knuckles.

She smiles.

War is declared.

The bell rings...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I’ve been reading through my past posts of 2010 and I notice a definite theme; anger, sarcasm, fake happiness that masks underlying bitter feelings.....

Ok confession I really didn’t noticed this it was brought to my attention by my mom who said and I quote, “Lora I read Anna’s blog and it’s so happy and uplifting and then I get to yours and its so sarcastic and angry.”

I’m thinking mommy dearest missed out on the parenting class that tells you to not compare your children to other kids..... It’s just down right hurtful.

Yes I get that my post are not filled with rainbows and unicorns, but it’s not MY fault that I'm only inspired by my shortcomings in life. Though I did think about making a goal to be a more positive person….but then I realized how upset I would be when that fell through.

So here’s to yet another year filled with bitter posts from a frizzy haired girl ☺