Thursday, April 28, 2011

One year down....and who knows how many more to go

Well my first year at BYU us officially over. I'm proud to announce I have only suffered minimal trauma and the majority of it was due to BYU's dating scene.....

Though many people decided to extend there academic career into the summer I opted for tanning and reading instead.

Wise choice? probably not, but like I always say sometimes the fun in life is found through stupid decisions.

(I actually have never said this before, but from the moment I typed it I knew it perfectly described my day to day actions and confirmed why I live such a fun life)


I wanted this post to be dedicated to all the life lessons I learned in college. So prepare to be amazed at my newly acquired knowledge.

First, nutella should be on the food pyramid.

Don’t sit in BYU's flower beds at midnight….

Beware of boys in skinny jeans!

Don't eat lifesavers while walking, they will most likely get stuck to the roof of your mouth and you will have a terribly awkward time getting them off without looking like a loon.

Look both ways before pulling out of a parking lot.

Never take a job at the MTC cafeteria.

Never wear Orange; it’s really not any one's color

Curly hair should avoid hats like the plague.

Pretzels dipped in peanut butter and then plunged in chocolate can cure almost anything.

Don’t straighten your hair on a rainy day, you will look like a poodle.

Don’t wear flip flops in the snow, it is conducive to falling.

Be careful who you blog about….ya this one bit me in the you know what

Don’t sign up for a class that has reading Moby Dick on its course list.

Don’t eat noodles in bed, waking up slimy is never fun.

As you can see I have emerged from this experience a wiser more capable person (snort) ready to face yet another year here at BYU....