Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unicorns in Hell

Last night I found this flyer outside my house and I couldn't breathe for a good 3 minutes due to intense bouts of laughter.



I don't even want the costume back. I made these flyers to tell you that I hate you costume thief. I hope it looks good on you in Hell!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mario Brothers in Real Life

Life at BYU is like a giant game of Mario Brothers. All of us start out as big Mario, bopping turtles, leaping over sudden pit falls, and charging past the weird flowers that spit fire at us.

Turtles= exams and tests

The falls= all the times we can fail

The flowers = the teachers that aren’t really aiming at us, but it’s not like they’re stopping their rain of fire.

As Mario’s we have a limited amount of lives before we experience complete meltdowns that strip us of our joy and leave us crying in the fetal position. For the past two months I have been living the life of a small Mario who is scorched, broken, and regular victimized by turtles.

That all changed this week

Not only have I grown full size with a nifty cape, but I even hit that invincibility star that surrounds me with sparkles and gives me the power to kill every last one of those vicious turtles.

In essence I am a happy Mario riding his very own yoshi.

Now I’m going to list some of the major lucky things that have happened this week and you will listen :)

I got a 100% on my Brit Lit Paper revision

I found out that I did NOT in fact fail my American Lit test like I thought, but got an A!!!!

I also got and A on my presentation in American Lit! BooYa!

I was able to retake my D&C test and I got an A!

My ASL class was canceled and I took a nap instead

Every night I walk into my house exhausted while my roommate asks, “Lora would you like to eat (insert delicious meal here)” to which I respond, “Why yes, yes I would.”

My visiting teachers brought over a pan of brownies and we make homemade ice cream to go with them.

The MTC wants to put me up for a Promotion to Supervisor after only a month of work.

After my Wednesday shift at the MTC they gave us all a free meal and let us have as much BYU creamery ice cream as we wanted.

I stopped making an idiot of myself in my sign language tutoring sessions and I'm actually pretty legit now!

I got an interview at the Eyring Science building for a secretary job

I got a call back to interview again for this job because, according to the lady, “My references were amazing and my past bosses loved me.”


A few of the tasks I’ll HAVE to be doing is trying out dessert recipes, eating cookies, and scrapbooking. IS THIS REAL LIFE! The job only gives me 10 hours right now, but it reduces my MTC shifts from 6 to two and come December I get 20 hours and can officially burn all those atrocious hats.

And this week is not over. Skylar is coming this weeked and I have made plans for us to sleep in, go shopping, and eat at Olive Garden and J dogs. Plus next week Jill is coming to have crazy Halloween fun at haunted houses!

All of this adds up to uncontrollable giddiness.

If I knew how to spell the sound the game makes when Mario finishes a level I would insert it right now….but I don’t so use your imagination.